Made in Vietnam from 2013

Backpack & Bags

We provided to our customer product design and low cost manufacturing solutions in Vietnam


We’re bags & backpack manufacturer located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
A Vietnamese-owned company with the enthusiasm of creating products that have potency about quality, design and export abilities.


Find out how Vibama can help you manufacture a quality made, cost effective product. We apply over 10 years of manufacturing expertise to your product.


Once the features and elements of the back pack have been decided, you will need to generate several aspect drawings of the pack. Three quarter view, front, side, bottom, back are the very least you will need.


We can replicate or make enhancements to your custom sewn item(s). Our staff can also assist you with material selection, available trim, and the most cost-effective way to produce your product. We are not designers. Our prototypes come from your specifications and are enhanced by your testing in the field.


Upon agreement of pricing with your account rep, a pre-production sample is developed for your approval. The pre-production sample is the means by which we measure the quality of all production units.


Whether you need a few hundred or a few thousand pieces, our sewing capabilities can meet your needs, on time, and at a price that makes your product competitive in the marketplace. Read more about why our business model stands us apart from the competition.


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